Electronicbookreadingdevice.com – What Makes eBook Readers Better Than Printed Books

In our highly digitalized as well as technological world today, increasingly more industries are working and moving towards the digitization of their services in order to accommodate the growing community of tech users.

The publishing industry is no exception when it comes to going digital to make reading even more convenient for a lot of people. For instance, corporate organizations and learning institutions are progressively making steps towards the use of electronic books, best known as eBooks, for training and learning purposes since eBooks are more equipped to deliver to its users a more engaging reading and learning experience.


Electronicbookreadingdevice.com – Why Choose eBook Readers Over Printed Books

For quite a while now, digital publishing has loomed over conventional publishing. Nevertheless, even with the blitz of digital devices as well as their seemingly rising popularity, traditional print publishers continue to stand strong and there will always be people who supports printed books.

E-Readers, or eBook readers, have caught on with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle as well as competitors like Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. While all eBook readers are designed for the purpose of reading eBooks, they each have a distinct feature that set them apart from others. To learn more and find the best e-reader that would meet your eBook reading needs, check out

Over the years, dedicated eBook readers have advanced and have amazing features that that tablets, smartphones, or computers don’t that make the eBook reading experience of users more convenient and comfortable. So, what are the advantages of reading eBooks on eBook readers that make people choose them over conventional printed books? Here are some:

Store a Library of Books in a Single Device

eBook readers are lightweight, portable and make it possible for you to have a library of books in a single device. Students can benefit most since they don’t have to carry around with them several bulky and heavy books every day.

Access Any Time and Any Place

eBooks can be downloaded and stored on eBook readers for future reading. Hence, you can access your eBooks whenever you want and need to. Some eBook readers feature the offline accessibility option which allows you to access your eBooks even without the internet, making eBook readers great for people who are always on the go.
Share eBook Content

A feature on the eBook reader allows you to share the content of the eBook multiple times with other users. While you can share a printed book, you can only do so one person at a time (unless you have multiple copies for all).

Text to Speech Feature

eBook readers have a text to speech feature where the eBook reader reads aloud to you. You then have the option to listen to the eBook instead of reading it. Hence, you can listen to the eBook while doing some household chores or while driving. The read aloud feature is also useful and helpful for people who are visually impaired or with a learning disability. Moreover, the feature can help users know the proper pronunciation of certain words.

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