How Tech Can Save Democracy

We need a better political system, one that is designed to meet the major discontent of people in a diplomatic environment. Politicians tent to concentrate on winning the next elections rather than improving the way of governance. While election is essential, there is more than just selecting the right people to resolve common issues.  We also need permanent more serious than better policies, politicians, or parties; we need a better political system.

Technology has played a major role in our modern political environment – for discovering the social and economic disruption that has been led to outspread public dissections, and spreading fake news such as Instagram videos. This that has provoked our democratization.

Technology offers the  best chance of building the political system that’s required to answer to these test: a more participating, responsive, and informed democracy. It just hasn’t been built yet.

In the wake of the decision, there are critical modifications that primary tech platforms can do and will reduce the impact they have on political discussion-in particular fake news and clean bubbles. But technology sector should not be satisfied decreasing harm: we should be ambiguously supplying new tools that abode the key requirements for an improvement.

Technology is purely competent of constructing a political system that can address the governmental growing grievance by gratifying the ff. 3 core needs:

1. Mass Civic Participation

Residence needs powerful outlets for saying the issues that are important to them more than 2-4 years, and at the local level.

2. Responsive Government

Chosen officials must be reactive to residents concerns and engage with them in a way that insure they feel synthetically heard.

3. Trusted Information

We must need a new avenue of spreading for political material that elevates reliable sources to mentor residents as they take civil operation

This type of political system we’re early stages of conspiring at From the past years we’ve concentrated on the 1st objective above, and built request tools used by moreover 60 millions Americans and other people globally to take response on the topic that needs most.

Advantage of Technology

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