Importance Of Mobile Apps For Newspaper: Cydia

 “You don’t want to miss website page views” and “You have a quick to respond website”. These are some of the reasons newspaper directors aren’t concerned about mobile apps for their publication.

Reasons why newspapers must have a cellphone app

Apps cultivate the loyalty of customers

Most circulation sectors have some sort of loyalty platform or have at least thought of this idea at one point or another.  Naturally, these are perks or special coupons given to top, long-standing subscribers.  Motivating that idea into the digital phase keeps editors in front of subscribers. They make it convenient and easy for their subscribers to use.   Instead of staying with the archaic paper ticket, make it potential for clients to collect their recompenses via your smartphone app. The outcome equals more returning user downloads, and eventually more commitment with your brand and newspaper.

Push notifications drive traffic

You try to look at some stats. Push notices escalate app engagement by 88%.  What that means for you, the publisher, is that by finding that ideal amount of not too many notifications, but not too few, you will increase your engagement of readers.  65% of customers return to an app if you enable push.  This does not apply for responsive mobile sites.

Apps provide value to your readers

As the local news source for your community, it should be your app that readers access for breaking news, weather, community events, and coupons and deals from local merchants.  Do not open doors for media marketplaces and sites to take away your income from your local market.  Remember that your app should be more than just news.

Readers need apps

It is no secret that smartphone usage continues to rise speedily.  Time spent per day on mobile devices has increased in the last few years. About 80% of the time spent on smartphone devices is spent using apps.

What do you think occurs when readers hunt the app store for your news but they can’t find your publication in the search result? They download any app which shows up.  Usually, these apps are nearby newspapers or your local radio station. Why drive traffic to other sources when you have the means and content to fulfil an app yourself?   Readers simply want apps.

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