“Make Federal Buildings Great Again”

A concrete driveway, if planned, designed and constructed properly as well as maintained regularly, would definitely add to the aesthetic appeal of any residential or commercial estate or property. As curb appeal increase, so will the value of your property in the market. This is imperative to if you intend to put your property up for sale in the market.

While a good structural design is essential in terms of adding aesthetic and appeal to a concrete driveway, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure you benefit from it in the short- and long term. This includes the quality of materials, skilled craftsmanship, and building and maintenance costs. If these aren’t checked, you may end up paying more than what you have expected. This is something that the federal government should realize.

Considering Building and Maintenance Cost

The government needs to reevaluate its efforts in trying to make its new buildings look good as its efforts seem to not be working. For instance, tall atriums, huge windows, roofs covered in various vegetation, as well as unusual facades were some of the designs that were applied on some of the new federal buildings. Although these designs are pleasing to the eyes, these were actually heavy on the pocket.

According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States in a report, these unusual designs to make federal buildings look unique and more stately haven’t taken into consideration that they also require unusual maintenance and operating costs.

“Make Federal Buildings Great Again”

This, however, doesn’t seem to concern the Trump administration as the it has drafted an executive order entitled “Make Federal Buildings Great Again.” As per the Architectural Record, an American magazine on architecture and interior design, the executive order requires that “the classical architectural style shall be the preferred and default style” of new government buildings.

Architectural experts criticized the proposed executive order and would completely oppose the prevailing Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture of the US government, which was written by the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1962. In the guiding principle, it clearly says that “an official style must be avoided” and also that “design must flow from the architectural profession to the Government, and not vice versa.”

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