Norway’s First Floating Offshore Wind Farms

Energy Minister and the Petroleum has declared plans to meet up with businesses and stakeholders to plan the building of the floating wind farms from waters.

He clarified he will meet with numerous stakeholders over the offshore wind industry to go over the commencement of this regulatory framework for a new job. The job involves talking about the capacity of a building of wind turbines which are viewed as viable to put in deeper waters and will not be corrected to the seabed.

The forthcoming discussions will probably be the very initial step towards Norway exploring the growth of its overseas wind farms following the Government highlighted its support to the growth this past year.

He clarifies the wind business in Norway is increasing quickly with more than 5.4 terawatt hours of wind power capacity now installed and a further 6.8 terawatt-hours in evolution (see strømpriser 2019, Norwegian word for electricity prices). He anticipates 15 terawatt hours to be exceeded by the figures. At a recent interview, he also declined to mention that companies are involved with the assembly.

But, Norway has established its participation in this marketplace with Deadly based Equinor (previously Statoil) function as an owner of the world’s first drifting wind farm away from the Aberdeenshire coast. Equinor highlighted there was a possibility of drifting offshore wind development in Europe and in Asia, the west coast of North 24, this season.

The executive vice president of New Energy Solutions in Equinor clarified the prospect of drifting wind websites is growing and anticipates 15 GW of an offshore floating breeze to be manufactured by 2040 worldwide. Rummelhoff clarifies that to get also a suggestion in Norway and a selection of jobs that are floating Equinor have strategies in present to unite end with gas and petroleum installations. Equinor has cited Ireland and France along with other sites for offshore wind development in Europe.