The Best Bed Manufacturers According To Buyers

On the domestic market, there is a huge amount of various bedroom furniture of Russian and foreign brands. In this article, we have collected information about the manufacturers of beds and the peculiarities of the production of this type of furniture such as Hugo & Sons.

What you need to know about bed materials

The quality of the furniture is closely related to the materials used in its production. This primarily concerns the main parts of the supporting structures. Elements of decoration and accessories play a supporting role here, although they can greatly affect the overall impression of the product. Let’s consider what materials can be used for the production of beds, their positive and negative sides.

Solid wood

Wood continues to be in demand in the manufacture of modern beds, although it cannot be considered a cheap raw material. The technology of its preparation consists of several stages, including drying, cutting, grinding, impregnation with protective compounds, applying decorative coatings. Manufacturers of bedroom furniture for the general consumer prefer to work with local wood species. In central Europe and England, oak, beech, alder, or maple are often used for these purposes. Mediterranean countries are famous for their products made from cherries, cherries, or walnuts. Scandinavia and Russia specialize in pine, spruce, and birch.


Chipboard beds are inexpensive and fairly durable products, although they are inferior in strength to wood. However, they contain synthetic resins that, under certain conditions, can release formaldehyde. Despite the fact that today boards with low formaldehyde emission are used for the production of furniture when buying such products from little-known manufacturers, it is better to require a hygienic certificate.


Metal has long competed with wood. In modern conditions, he again began to be actively used in the creation of furniture. Wrought iron beds are characterized by a wide variety of shapes and original designs. While visually light, they are strong and durable. The use of forged ornamentation, chrome, and gilded details puts them on a par with works of art. Metal bedroom furniture most organically fits into the interior of the urban style. There are good models for hi-tech, loft, or gothic.


The combination of several materials in one product makes it possible to make the best use of the best qualities of each of them. A variety of combinations of metal, wood, impact-resistant glass, plastic are widely used by designers and creators of bedroom furniture. With an original design and high functionality, they are almost always sold at an affordable price.

What determines the cost of the bed

The cost of bedroom furniture, like any other product, is made up of the cost of the materials used and the labor required to manufacture it. The more complex the design of the product, the more expensive it will cost.

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