The Greatest Political Campaign Song

Possibly one of the greatest song writers ever, John Lennon from The Beatles, wrote the greatest political song ever written by anyone.

Lennon has some pretty tough competitors and one is no other than Frank Sinatra himself, the head of the Rat Pack sang a great single,supporting John Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential campaign. The song was an interpretation of Sinatra’s “High Hopes”.

It was a great presidential campaign after the Eisenhower years and whoever won the election, the Americans knew that good times would keep on rolling. In retrospect, the good times actually halted in the 1960’s,showing just how fast political drama like the Vietnam war and assassination can change things. Nonetheless, the campaign itself brings well-deserved nostalgia where that song is a big part of.

Other campaigns have had a few songs similar to them like “Happy Days are Here Again” encouraging Franklin Roosevelt’s powerful 1932 efforts,and of course the venerable “The Hunters of Kentucky” which is the theme tune for Andrew Jackson’s presidential success from 1828. The difference is,Sinatra’s song actually named Kennedy, which makes it more powerful. There were other songs from famous singers that named candidates in their songs.

Going back to Lennon’s song, “Come Together” – John Lennon later admitted the song did not quite come together as a political campaign song. After the arrest of Leary, the political campaign lost quite a bit of a push.

The popular song “Come Together” remained on the shelf until The Beatles started recording their album Abbey Road. After the conflict,the song seems to be especially appropriate. Although the catch phrase was meant for somebody else in a completely different light, the final lyrics were essentially nonsense as a campaign theme, a band theme, a people theme, or even a world theme. Nonetheless, it remained as one of the Political Campaign Song ever;”Come Together – Over me.”

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