Towing Services: Advertising In The Newspaper

Advertising in the newspaper is out, not up-to-date? Some even claim it’s a waste of money but far from it. The opposite is the case. The affluent target group of over 40s reads newspapers namely the print edition.

Tips to get attention with your towing service’s advertising in the newspaper

Define your target group

To run a winning ad, you need to know exactly who you’re trying to reach. This affects the design, the text, and also where and when you place the ad. Are seniors your target group? Then the letters should be big and the typeface should be clear. Do you have design-oriented ladies in mind? Then the focus is on an all-around coherent advertisement in terms of color and design.

What do you want to advertise?

If your target group is clear, it is about the subject of the advertisement. If you offer special services such as towing Santa Clara, placement in the local section of the newspaper is a good choice.

Choose the newspaper wisely

The newspaper you choose must appeal to readers who are part of your target audience. Print media such as trade journals that deal with your professional core business are a good alternative to reach a specific customer group in a very targeted manner.

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Make your advertising clear and concise

Good newspaper advertising is limited to the essentials and conveys at a glance what it is all about. Refrain from making long lists of your services, instead find powerful generic terms. These should provide immediate clarity.

Make sure there is a balance between the text and the picture. Although in the newspaper it is often the case that a picture says more than a thousand words. Design your ad on the PC and send it to the newspaper graphic designer with a request for feedback. This is how you get valuable information from a professional.

Place ads regularly

Once you have designed a coherent ad, you should place it at regular intervals. Ideally, you’ve found the perfect newspaper for it. If you’re not sure, then advertise through two or three channels. To control which ads attract new customers, get in the habit of asking them how they found out about your business. This will collect important information about how to reach the most customers.

Free advertising in newspapers? That’s how it’s done

Getting into the newspaper for free takes a little finesse. Well-maintained contact with local editors is certainly helpful. Apart from that, editors always value that an article brings new information to the reader. They call it “articles with added value”.

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