Transparent Government

Is it important to have a transparent government? What is transparency? What are the benefits of having a transparent government?

To answer the first question, we first need to define the meaning of transparency. Transparency is all about being an open book to the public with regards to plans, implementations, and definitely funds. This definition of transparency is specifically when it comes to the government. Having the said definition, it is absolutely important to have a transparent government. The transparency all of us actually need is the kind of transparency that even locol paint cannot cover.

What are the benefits of transparency?

Transparency will allow people to know what the government or their leaders are up to. They have the right in all means. They voted for the leaders giving their full trust so whatever happens, the public has all the right to know of what their leaders are planning for them, for their country, and of course for the future.

Having a transparent government means you really have a trustworthy leader. The leader that is always ready to show everything to his or her people, and even liquidate everything just to prove that the funds that should be for the public are all being given to the public.

Transparent government will obviously eliminate corruption. It is essential for the corruption to be eliminated because it is quite the main cause of why many people suffer from poverty. The blame should not always be on the government, but if a country has corrupt officials, instead of allocating funds to lift the poor people, funds for these people will just go to their own pockets or some projects that should not be prioritized.

Transparency is actually a reflection of a good governance. With transparent government comes a successful leaders, people, and country.

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