President Trump Could Face Another Woman In Elections As Senator Kamala Harris Announces Her Presidential Bid In 2020

With less than two years until the next presidential elections in the United States of America, the chances are high that U.S. President Donald Trump will face yet another woman in the 2020 race, following his head-to-head battle with Hillary Clinton in 2016. Senator Kamala Harris is the latest personality to challenge President Trump in the upcoming elections, promising a better future for the country by fighting all the injustices that have occurred over the last two years.

Harris Rallies Her Supporters To Build a Better Future For the Country

The battle between male and female politicians is expected to intensify in the coming months as Senator Harris confirmed her plans to run in the 2020 presidential elections. The announcement was made in a campaign video, which was posted on her social media accounts. The video was posted at the same time of her appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” In the short video, Senator Harris asked her supporters to join her cause as she aims for a brighter future for the country.

The United States has been plagued with a lot of issues since 2016, but the biggest problem at this point is the current U.S. federal government shutdown, which is now the longest in history. The shutdown is expected to linger on due to the ongoing debate over building a wall in the country’s southern border.

The keywords that Senator Harris used in her campaign video are justice, decency, equality, freedom, and democracy, saying that these are the values that the American people cherish and will always value no matter what. It was also teased in the video that the official start of Senator Kamala’s campaign will take place in Oakland, her birthplace, next Sunday.

To be another female contender in the presidential race, standing against President Trump in the next elections is a big deal, but Senator Harris’ announcement had more impact than that by being the first African-American woman to take aim at the White House in 2020.

There are three other female politicians before her who already announced their presidential bid, the first one being Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Meanwhile, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand also expressed their desires to run as president by announcing exploratory committees, something that Senator Harris has yet to make.

What Are Senator Harris’ Plan For the U.S. Government in 2020?

Among Senator Harris’ expected agendas in the 2020 presidential elections include a $3-trillion tax plan, decreased cash bail for convicts charged with criminal cases, billions of dollars worth of tax credits to low-income tenants, and the highlight of her anticipated campaign, an all-inclusive Medicare health care system.

Senator Harris is likely to push for huge tax aide that targets low-income renters, as well as those people from working class families who wish to get extra income. This will be a much welcome proposal for most of the Americans, who wanted to save up for their daily expenses. Many people no longer has the chance to shop for clothes, bags, and wallets, as they are more concerned on how to pay their rent and utility bills, among others. Perhaps a little boost to their income can make them check a top quality fake handbags guide, at the very least.

Senator Harris is also expected to include the Medicare-for-all health care system proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders.