A New Generation Of Government For The People, By The People

In today’s political climate, there is apparently a larger focus on what is beneficial for the majority. As a result of this “larger focus”, it is, after all, the benefit of the people that is most significant in any political agenda.

Government for the People

Politics always seem to have that horseshoe shape point when it comes to concepts. What is true and correct to the far left is not true to the far right. While both sides have common goals to serve the majority of people, the approach doesn’t meet at one point. Regardless, one thing is true. The decisions our leaders make can make or break the people.

We Need A Transparent Leader

While politics has its deeper secrets, intentionally hidden from the people, the media has ways to leak it out from these high profile politicians. Sometimes, it just needs some simple tactics like the use of a prank call app. And most of the time, this tactic works. Although not all that has to be said can be leaked out for transparency purposes but is also something that can give people light on who are the real people behind that big smiles and promises.

When we choose the wrong leaders, people are somehow disempowered of their human rights. That’s why it’s important to know more about the politicians we are looking to elect to have the seat regardless of the position they are going to hold in the government.

Politics and Poverty

In the light of empowering the people, poverty seems to be the top factor that disempowers the majority of their human rights. While it is true that the government should be for people, little development is seen to improve the growing poverty in many countries throughout the world. So what’s the present government’s action to resolve poverty? Is it enough to feed the hungry? Or should there be a program that can provide better education and employment?

Regardless of how the government or the aspiring leaders approach this issue, there should be a common ground to resolve such issues. Leaders should work as a team and not individually so as to bring back a better economy that empowers the people.


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