Airport Prevents Taxi Firms from Overcharging During the Holiday

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Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving in other countries are usually the most awaited holiday season because it is the time when members of the family get together. In most cases, those who are working away from their loved ones will have a flight usually few days before the vacation. This will, then result to overcrowded airport and unfortunately lack of public transportation. Which is why passengers take taxi.  In some countries, like Philippines and Netherlands, they implement advance booking of private cars However, the problem when passenger preferred taxi is that taxi drivers tend to overcharge during holidays. They will reason out the traffic, congested road, and high demand.

With this, the government warned the taxi drivers and operators against overcharging and refusing passengers.There were times when taxi drivers were caught overcharging fares or refusing passengers. If something like this happens again, they will be asked to have their drivers’ license cancelled. The agency directed taxi operators to monitor drivers to prevent these instances.

“LTFRB reserves its right to suspend/cancel your Certificates of Public Convenience,” he also added, “Netizens, please continue to send your complains with details (location, nature of complaint, picture etc) because we are reading your complaints”.

LTFRB’s statements came after it ordered ride-hailing companies Uber and Grab to place a cap on their surge rates following numerous complaints during the Christmas holidays.

Both companies said they would comply with the directive.

Miaa General Manager Ed Monreal urged the public to be more cautious in dealing with drivers of regular white taxis which have not been accredited by airport officials.

Passengers should also keep the dispatch slip instead of giving these to the cab driver so that they could immediately report incidents of contracting and overcharging easily and faster.

At the same time, he appealed to taxi drivers to “stop taking advantage of others.”

“This season of Lent is the best time for them to reflect on how their enterprising ways are harming others and seek the Lord’s forgiveness and start a new life,” Monreal said.

As a responsible citizen, it is our right to report an act that we think is unjust and may harm other people.

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