Analyzing the Impact of SEO on Political Campaigns & Increasing Visibility

  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an important tool for political campaigns in order to increase visibility and reach more voters. SEO helps politicians rank higher on search engine results pages, allowing them to be seen by more people. It also helps them target specific groups of people who […]


There are many factors people decide to run for public office. Some are charitable and influenced by a desire to sincerely make a difference while others are completely ego-driven. PERSONAL REASONS Some individuals run simply because they feel insulted by their opposition or local government. These candidates are likely to […]

Influence: Government on Urban Architecture

While most overlook the fact that architecture has long been influenced by politics, their very intact correlation says otherwise. Urban and city architecture, where in fact most architectures take place is highly influenced by political laws, projects, and approvals. Through these come political fundings that actually predetermines whatever city architecture […]