Electric Scooter Safety For Drivers On The Road

In many cities, electric scooters are already developing that’s why a well known electric scooter store picks up on sales for these particular items. But where can electric scooters be driven, do you need a driving license? If you don’t follow the rules, will you face a fine? Plus: All models have been approved by the street.

  • Electric scooters with road approval/operation permits are allowed since June.
  • Electric scooters must pay compulsory insurance
  • No helmet and driver’s license required

Electric Scooters And The Law In Ireland

Electronic scooters are scooters with electric drive-flexible, small, and easy to fold, thanks to its folding mechanism. With the regulation of small electric vehicles, now, there is a valid ground for electric scooters. This legislation relates safe driving for motor vehicles that have handles or handrails, whose design-related maximum speed is up to 20 km/h and has road approval/operation permits. This means that it will affect small cars and electric scooters, but it will not affect the flywheel, air cushion plate or electronic skateboard, because all these vehicles have no poles. It is unclear whether exceptions will regulate the driving of these vehicles.

Where can electric scooters be driven?

Electric scooters are allowed on bicycle lanes, driveways and bicycle streets. If these are lost, you can only switch to the road. It is forbidden to drive small electric scooters on the sidewalks, pedestrian zones and one-way streets-unless the additional “no electric scooters” sign allows driving. Important note: The additional symbol “No cyclist” (symbol 1022-10) does not apply to electric scooter drivers.

The driver does not need a test certificate or driving license. As young as 14 years old can drive an electric scooter.

Is helmet mandatory?

There is no mandatory helmet for electric scooters-but it is recommended to use a helmet to protect yourself.

Is there an alcohol limit for electric scooters?

Yes, the electric scooter driver follows an identical alcohol limit as regular drivers. This means that anyone who drives at a price of 0.5 – 1.09 per million, and does not show alcohol-related abnormalities, will be subject to administrative violations and will receive a penalty notice: usually, this is 500 euros, 1 month Driving ban and Flensburg 2 points.

If the driver travels with an electric scooter, although the blood alcohol concentration is at least 1.1 per thousand, there is a criminal offence. However, if the driver exhibits alcohol-related symptoms, the crime rate can be as low as 0.3 per 1,000.

Important note: For drivers under the age of 21 and novices who have obtained a license during the trial period, a fee of 0.0 per thousand-therefore, under the influence of alcohol, they must not be behind the handlebars of the scooter.

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