Factors That Influence Smoking Among Teenagers

In regards to smoking and other kinds of addiction, individuals who pick the habit at an early age are more prone to get dedicated and stay dependent later in life. A new survey from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University discovered that approximately eight out of ten individuals who smoke, vape, drink, or use other medications started the behavior before 18, such as the 92.4 percent of those dependent to nicotine.

Reasons Why Teenagers Begin Smoking

Teens decide to use cigarettes because of a lot of reasons:

  • Some are pressured by their peers— they smoke so that they feel like they are belong.
  • Teens who are culturally aloof may begin smoking as a way to blend in.
  • Some like the look of the “rebel” label that may be addicted to smoking.
  • Though misguided, teens associate smoking with being mature and relaxed.
  • They see their beloved actors smoking on TV or in movies, and they want to send that similar sense of style.
  • Adolescent girls might smoke so as to lose their weigth.
  • Ads usually show young individuals enjoying fun while smoking, improving the appeal.
  • If grown-ups in the home smoke, younger ones are more likely to smoke too.

How to Spot Teenagers Smoking

It is quite simple to know if your kids are smoking, once you spot these signs:

  • That tattletale “dirty ashtray” scent on their skin, their garments, and their friends.
  • Taking more breath candies or gum than in the past, to make it a secret
  • Discoveering loose tobacco, covers, matches, or smoking-related objects in their clothing, bag, or car.d
  • Demanding more money than they used to.

Talking to Teens About Smoking

Guardians play an essential role in encouraging teens make the decision to stop smoking — or to not begin smoking from the start. Though they may roll their eyes when parents start up any topics about health or their behavior.

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