Latest Aphrodisiac Treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD is a sexual dysfunction that commonly affects women. Around 10% of the women population in the United States were generally affected. In simple terminology, HSDD is the lack or absence of sexual desire.

Moreover, symptoms of HSDD include deficiency in the sexual appetite and erotic fantasies. In addition, the desire to get into a sexual activity is also included. Generally, lots of affected women saw that the cause of their frustration and distress is the lack of sexual desire.

As of to date, only one drug for the treatment of HSDD is approved by FDA. However, different type of aphrodisiacs are widely used to enhance sexual pleasure even during the ancient times. This is similarly alike with the trendy spa treatments that are worth a try.

Since time immemorial, finding aphrodisiacs in the form of plant or drug that increases the sexual instinct, pleasure, desire, and performance has been recorded.

The difference of HSDD

The difference of HSDD between other sexual activities is highly important to consider. However, to be able for a women to qualify for having HSDD, she must experience distress with the loss of her desire.

Factors contributing to HSDD

Generally, the factors that contribute to the onset of HSDD, usually sourced out from a biopsychosocial point-of-view.

biological factors
psychological factors

Treatment of HSDD

In order to address the symptoms associated with HSDD, the following are being used:

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Combination of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy

Aphrodisiacs of the Past and the Present Times

With no scientific basis, people from the ancient era until believed that there are various things that are being helpful.

1. Lily of the valley

The Lily of the valley has a sweet and delicate fragrance that emits a distinct odor. Moreover, its odor has the ability to attract animals. Because of this, the Lily of the valley also has the capability to spark a little sense of passion among men.

2. Cobra blood

One thing that has been used in the past as people’s myaphrodisiacs collection is the cobra blood. Some people believed that ingesting the blood of the animal allows the incorporation of the innate fierceness of the animal. Additionally, it is also a sign of courageousness for them.

3. Leaf-cutter ant

This is a famous aphrodisiac around Colombia and other part of the South America. Basically, this is commonly used as a gift for newly weds. The way it is eaten is by roasting.

FDA Approved Aphrodisiac in Future Use for the Treatment of HSDD

Since there is only one FDA approved aphrodisiac drug, finding for new ones have been through for many years. However, this is done without testing or any evidence of effectiveness.
Women deserve and effective treatments, and they are intelligent and empowered to make informed decisions with their health care providers.

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