Motherhood: An Asset to 2020 Candidacy

Kirsten Gillibrand, definitely one of the moms who enjoy running, not on park but in the 2020 presidential race, demonstrated a baby doll in public. She did this because for her she is a young mom who is very much willing to fight for the kids of other people as she would hardly fight for her own. 

There is an unusual number of women demonstrating their presidential campaigns. But, only these female Democratic 2020 candidates are revealing their motherhood experiences upfront. Because of this, these women broke the ideas of the past that disallowed women as political icons to discuss their roles inside the home.

In terms of political career, motherhood now becomes an asset and already not a blockade to political career.

Bringing Motherhood in the Political Run

Below are the reasons of the Democratic women candidates why they give emphasis on motherhood and the information about politics together in their political race.

Once a mother is always a mother

In the first weeks of the campaign, Gillibrand and Warren are working so hard to have a connection with a wide range of voters. They generally push the policies for paid leaves, affordable child care, and the likes. In their speeches, they emphasized how motherhood molded their attitude towards their career and into politics

The confession of her motherhood challenges as a working mom in politics is not new for Gillibrand. She already served the Senate having an infant and toddler at the same time.

According to Gillibrand, her motherhood experiences are something to be cherished because it truly makes her effective. Gillibrand also explained that a mother like her will even face the fire to protect her child. This kind of fearlessness is needed by today’s government.

Making a balance 

Way back the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, she already brought up her experiences as a mother in raising a child. This made a way for her to push the improvement of the maternity leave policies

However, her manner of delivering this motherhood policy to the public is somehow concealed compared to the way Gillibrand amf Warren spoke their speeches. This approach of Clinton maintains her balancing strategy as a mother and the expectations of the public to the women in the home.

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