Removalist Issues in Australia Left Consumers Further Expenses And Inconveniences

The moving industry in Australia is affecting many other legit and well-established moving companies in Australia such as the Gold Coast removalist. While it is already a pain to move houses within Australia, there are small hauling businesses who make it more difficult for families needing to relocate.

Many people have filed a complaint against certain movers in the outback who has not come on the scheduled time of moving or has not even shown up at all. This incident many of them hiring storage and paying extra fees which are a real inconvenience on consumers.

Complaints Received From Consumers

One particular lady who moved this week To Gold Coast from Sydney reported that the Moving company she hired and paid in advance was late for two days causing her to pay extra rental fees for the house that she was supposed to vacate in those earlier days.

Another incident of complaint came from an elderly woman. She has moved to Broome from Adelaide. She recalled that she was given a discounted price and paid for it in full and even paid for it one month earlier before the scheduled move. When the scheduled move came, the moving company she hired never came and was hard to get in touch with. In fact, the number no longer exists. This forced the elderly woman to hire another company and pay the added rental fees. A real inconvenience on her part.

What’s Being Done About This?

The AFRA or the Association for Furniture Removers in Australia, the organization in the government that helps manage the industry and provides accreditation to new and existing businesses received at least 20 complaints of the same nature. Reports said AFRA allegedly provided accreditation to businesses without proper training, to those who don’t have the necessary equipment. These were removalist who allegedly failed to stick to the right guidelines of removalists in Australia.

Another fact is that anyone can purchase a van and claim that they are into the moving business even without proper accreditation. People are then held responsible to investigate if the moving company they are trying to hire is legitimate. People will have to take the extra step to check if they have been operating for years already and that they can be trusted according to customer reviews.

This is alarming news putting many consumers in jeopardy. Members of the AFRA who were complained are addressed internally via mediation without spending a dime on customers. But seriously, this matter will have to be investigated and bring those who are in fault to justice in order to ensure the protection of consumers.

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