People’s Action Reproaches Senate GOPs for Overlooking the Needs of the Working Class

People’s Action, the national network of grassroots groups, is reproaching GOP senators for intentionally overlooking the needs of the American working-class.Since not a few donors to the Republicna political campaign funds have been withdrawing their financial support, Trump’s Republican allies in Congress allies are devoting more time and attention to corporate bailouts as a way to win back the much needed financial backing.

Republican Senators are doing so despite having awareness that about 1.4 million Amercians have filed claims for unemployment benefits, which some states cannot fully serve due to lack of federal support. While Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell asserts that the Democrats are obstructing efforts to legislate on a new set of stimulus package, the statement is only half true.

Although the new stimulus bills being proposed by Democrats are not perfect, People’s Action acknowledges that the Democrats’ bills are centered on relief measures aimed at providing the critical support needed by millions of Americans. A great number of which are middle-class workers that include Black and Latinos whose lives have been adversely affected by the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Republican Senators would rather protect the interests of corporate cronies by legislating for payroll tax cuts, which in effect, only reduce employment benefits that can help workers in times of emergencies and dire crises like the current pandemic.

Nearly Half of America’s Workers Live from Paycheck-to-Paycheck

While cutting or eliminating payroll taxes will increase money received as salaries, payroll taxes actually include commensurate contributions from employers. When remitted as taxes to the government, both employees’ and employers’ contributions are accounted as available funds for providing medical care and unemployment assistance. Currently however, state governments are in need of funds since a great majority of small to medium businesses have not been able to generate revenues from whence most taxes are derived.

Based on the federal reserve board’s own survey that is being carried out as a means of monitoring the American consumers’ financial and economic status, 47% of those who responded cannot afford to pay for emergency expenses. These are the American consumers who live from paycheck to paycheck, often resorting to using product coupons that could help stretch their budget for basic commodities.

Sometimes these people have to rely on freebies offered as rewards for Customer Experience Surveys. Most of their relatives and friends take time to respond to such surveys when making purchases, as a way to help them claim a free sandwich or a cup of coffee. In some cases, when already down to their last dollars, not a few households often subsist on eggs for days until the next paycheck arrives.

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