Politics in the framework of digitization

Digitization changes the framework conditions for political action in many ways. In many policy fields, it must itself be the object or even a means of future-oriented politics. One of the central problems here is that the effects of digitization on one of the many “construction sites” often look simple at first glance. In reality, however, these sub-problems are often very complex and combinations of the various sub-problems can only be solved with a systematically developed approach that is oriented towards long-term, real effects. A modern digital policy must address the areas of law, security, economic development, and social development in particular. Added to this is the modernization of public administration. And because of digitization, buying ideas can be available at https://medium.com/@playtime/best-toys-gifts-for-14-year-old-girls-dfd59925b693.

Influence of digitization on politics

The framework for political action has changed. The special properties and effects of digital technologies, the attention economy, the functioning of today’s media world, and a changed system of values ​​and actions for many people work together and do not always lead to better results. In addition, digital media in particular are increasing the tendency of those involved to give tactics priority over strategy.

In election campaigns in particular, but also in everyday business, the way applicants and elected officials deal with platforms such as Facebook or Twitter has now often become a central element of communication alongside their own website. With the platforms mentioned, as well as with the market-leading search engine Google, the question of how one’s own profile and content are presented is of central interest to anyone who wants attention and positive reception from voters and the classic media.

Influence of politics on digitization

The interrelationships of digitization are complex. The effect of technology on people, on economic interrelationships, and on society is not a one-way street and the diverse interactions between these factors are hardly apparent on a superficial view.

The influence of politics on digitization must not be determined by a random discussion of buzzwords and short-term media coverage, or by direct or indirect agenda-setting by companies on the US west coast. Instead, people must first conduct sober, systematic analysis and then actively shape the digital world in which you will live tomorrow for the benefit of society.

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