How We Get The News: Different Approach


Newspapers are periodicals such as daily and weekly that provide information of interest to the public, such as news, opinions, and special features. It is generally published on paper, but in recent years, electronic versions that can be subscribed to on smartphones and tablets and online distribution that can be read on the Web have become widespread.

Newspapers can be broadly classified into general newspapers and specialty newspapers. Among general newspapers, they are classified as national newspapers, block newspapers, and local newspapers according to the size of the area in which they are published.


Television is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit images to remote locations and reproduce the images on a receiver. Alternatively, it often refers to the equipment used for that purpose, especially television television.


Radio is audio broadcasting such as news reports and music sent from broadcasting stations using radio waves. Because information can be obtained in real time in voice format, Due to its characteristics, many listeners enjoy the program in parallel with work such as driving, studying, and cooking. Two-way communication between the personality and the listener is also a unique feature of radio.

On the Internet

Web media and social media. Web media refers to websites that send out some information on the Internet, and specifically, news sites, curation sites, corporate sites, etc. are classified. Social media refers to media that includes social elements such as information dissemination by individuals and connections between individuals like with nokia 9 pureview hinta where you can know which phone to get. Specifically, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok.

Impact on politics

Citizens are informed by the media reporting and commenting on political facts, and use it as a basis for making decisions on political topics. Each one of the images given by media reports such as newspaper headlines and news and the opinions of commentators appearing in wide shows influence the formation of public opinion. Its influence is great, and it is sometimes called the “fourth estate” along with legislation, judiciary, and administration.

Economic impact

Information flowing from the media has a great impact on people’s economic activities. The information about products and services that you see in the media may be advertisements placed by companies, or it may be exposure of the results of public relations activities.

The role of the media in public relations

The purpose of public relations activities is to find out the significance of the existence of a company / organization, sustain management, and increase its value to society. To achieve these, it is essential to increase awareness of our company, products and services. At that time, the media, which can send information to the general public, will be a powerful presence for spokespersons.

The impact of the media on the world is greater than expected, so polite, careful, and prompt communication is required. The access to the homepage will be concentrated, the number of inquiries will increase dramatically and the phone will not stop ringing, or the production of the product will not be able to keep up. It can cause a sensational response.

Understand how much influence the media has

Media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio are closely related to people’s lives, and the information they emit has a tremendous impact on the world. Since it is a medium that is highly trusted by the world, both positive and negative information spread at once. Keep in mind the magnitude of the impact of the media, communicate promptly and politely, and keep in mind detailed media relations on a daily basis.

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