What Mass Media Doesn’t Tell You: Plastic Surgery Risks

Have you aspired of always making your physical appearance better, if not best? Have you saved up enough money to get a surgery?

Initially, it sounds pretty simple to get larger breasts or to fuller lips. Today, mass media abounds with examples of successful cases, however, you should always consider that any form of cosmetic surgery is really an interference to human anatomy, which makes it risky. Until you go to a medical spa you should mull over it a number of times. Below are the ten plastic surgery risks you should consider before getting one:

  1. Hematoma

Hematoma happens when an abnormal amount of blood clot which usually happens when the patient has a history of high blood pressure. Usually, hematomas follow a facelift.

  1. Seroma

Seroma is the irregular collection of fluid in the surgical area which should be drained. This complication could come up after a breast augmentation, liposuction, or stomach tuck.

  1. Necrosis

Necrosis is the death of a tissue following a surgical manipulation. Despite the fact that necrosis happens almost after any operation, your risks are higher if you smoke.

  1. Nerve Injury

Nerve damage could lead to paralysis. It can occur with any operation where nerves are cut, stretched, or cauterized. When this happens, patients experience lack of feeling or/and motor function.

  1. Infection

Infection can become a frequent complication of operation. Viruses, fungi and just about all probable bacteria can penetrate during operation. It happens due to unsterile environment.

  1. Hypertrophic Scars

A scar is considered hypertrophic in case it’s thick, red, also unsightly. Seasoned surgeons usually know how to cut to ensure scars will be minimal. It’s practice to review scars from previous surgeries and see how an individual natural heals from these scars.

  1. Paresthesia

Paresthesia is a type of sensation disorder. Short-term numbness at the area of an operation, pricking, “crawling ants” are all common indicators of paresthesia. Decline of sensation has become the most frequently encountered hazard following breast reduction surgery.

  1. Bleeding

Bleeding is inevitable during or/and after any operation. However, in case this complication isn’t caught early it may result in death.

  1. Blepharoptosis

This is commonly known as the drooping of the eyelids, usually observed after Botox procedure. This complication can cause the reduction of a patient’s eyesight.

  1. Death

Death is the rarest but most feared of plastic surgery outcome. Liposuction can cause this lethal outcome.

Do celebrities who have gone under the knife still inspire you? Did you know that 30% of breast augmentation and 20% of nose jobs are blotched? Prior to undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery, consider all pros and cons. If you can, go for natural breast enlargement products that work. Dissatisfaction about your appearance should never become a reason to put your life at risk.

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